May 21st March to End the Sweeps

Starting in January, the City of Olympia resumed the practice of sweeping houseless camps on public property after a 5 month pause. The pause came after the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal’s Martin v Boise decision, which stated that it is unconstitutional to criminalize people for camping on public land if they do not have a legal alternative available to them. The decision also emphasized that legal alternatives should be indoors and must not violate people’s religious rights and beliefs.

There is still not enough legal, safe, and appropriate shelter space available for all of those who are unsheltered in our community. Nonetheless, the City decided to move forward with forcibly removing people camping on public land in January, destroying many of their possessions in the process. In February, the City released a public memo, announcing their intention to continue this practice.

These actions have caused widespread fear, despair, and anger throughout the community, for both the housed and unhoused. It has also motivated many groups and individuals to come together and form a partnership in order to prevent another sweep of the unhoused from public land. As a first step, there is a march to City Hall planned for Tuesday, May 21st. It will start at the Isthmus Park at 5:30pm. At 7pm, there will be a City Council Meeting where march participants will speak during public comment.

Please join us and spread the word!

Please join us and spread the word!

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