Results of anonymous surveys with 4th Ave Bridge residents

Surveys were conducted during the week of Sept. 2-Sept. 8

** We were not able to interview all residents, but were able to complete surveys with 20 of them**

  1. How long have you been living at the 4th Avenue Bridge Encampment?

A few weeks: 3

1-3 months: 5

4-6 months: 7

6-12 months: 2

Over 1 year: 3

  • Have you ever camped anywhere else in Olympia since becoming homeless?

Yes: 17

No: 3

  • If yes, how many times in the past year have you been forced to leave your camp?

0: 2

1-2: 3

3-4: 9

5+: 3

**** Note People who were moved between 3-5+ times were all previous residents at some or all of the recently removed downtown encampments (Oly/Franklin, B Avenue, Smart Lot)****

  • Have you considered moving anywhere else since receiving the “Notice of Area Trespass” on August 20th?

All 20 people interviewed stated that they’ve been trying to think of other places to go.

  • If yes, where have you considered moving to?

19 people stated that they had not been able to think of another place to go

1 person stated that they were thinking of going to the Mitigation Site

  • Have you every stayed at the Mitigation Site before?

Yes: 15

No: 5

  • Have you stayed at the Union Gospel Mission before?

Yes: 20

  • If there were spots available at the Mitigation Site or UGM, would you consider staying there?

Yes: 1

No: 19

  • If no, why not?

Bad experience/mistreatment: 8

Kicked out, unsure if they can go back: 2

Permanently banned: 1

Don’t agree with “No Visitor” rule: 4

No personal space: 4

  1. If there were shelter spaces available at UGM would you stay there?

Yes: 0

No: 20

  1. If no, why not?

Mistreatment: 5

Poor conditions (bed bugs, lice, etc.): 4

Unable to stay with loved one: 4

Shelter hours: 1

Multiple of the above: 6

  1. Is it important for you to stay near downtown? Why or why not?

Yes: 20

Everyone said that it is important for them to stay downtown because it’s where all their resources and friends/family are there.

  1. If it were up to you, would you choose to continue camping with the same group of people that are currently living at the bridge or live in a smaller camp?

Stay with the same group: 14

Smaller camp: 4

Indifferent: 2

  1. If you would prefer to camp with a smaller group of people, how many others would you want to live with?

All 4 who said they would like to live in a smaller camp said they would like to live with 5-6 other people.

  1. In your opinion, what would be a better location for this camp?

19 people said they thought this was the best place they have tried camping and could not think of a better spot. The main reason given for this is the protection the bridge provides from the weather.

1 person said a large open space like a park or parking lot.

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