Letter, asks, and Draft Community Code of Conduct from the Ensign Rd RV Community

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Letter written for City of Olympia and Providence St. Peters

Asks from Ensign Road RV Community

Draft Community Code of Conduct

Letter written for City of Olympia and Providence St. Peters

To Whom It May Concern:

    This letter of introduction is to inform the members of the Olympia City Council and the Providence Hospital Board of Directors that this community would like to have a reconsideration of our eviction from Ensign Rd.

     As a community of homeless peoples who are trying to move forward out of homelessness it is in our best interests if we are allowed the privilege of staying.  We are working hard to find a living situation that will allow us to find work to earn enough to be able to move into apartments or other housing that we can afford. 

     We were not informed, nor invited, to attend meetings that concerned our group. We were surprised to receive the notice that we all had to leave. While we have been told we would be asked to leave here eventually, we did not think we would be asked to leave before there was another place for us to go. Also, while we were aware of concerns about sidewalk blocking, there were many concerns we were not aware of and we were surprised to learn that the concerns were severe enough to warrant our eviction from the road, especially when we have not been given a chance to respond to any of the allegations. We would like to have the opportunity to respond to these allegations, whatever they are, and to have a chance for our side of the story to be heard.

     There are several people here that are considered to be vulnerable adults medically, mentally, and physically.  There are people battling blood infections, seizures, emphysema, chronic autoimmune diseases, and lung and heart disorders. We also have residents who are pregnant and elderly residents who are mostly wheelchair bound. Being close to emergency facilities has been very helpful.  If we are forced to move, emergency medical assistance will not be as accessible, as many of us will likely have to relocate to the forest.

      In our community we are able to help each other with needs of food, water, cooking, and any repairs needed in the RVs and or vehicles.  Yes, there are a few bad elements in the mix, but that happens everywhere.  We are trying to work with those people to stop making their living areas a mess and to keep the sidewalk areas clean and passable.  We would like any assistance with those that are breaking the law as we are not able to enforce any disciplinary measures.

     We would like to develop a contract with all individuals in the community as well as the City and the Hospital.  Those who refuse to sign the contract will be evicted from the premises.  We will have a rules of conduct for the community that must be adhered to or face the consequences of eviction.

     We as a community are willing to work with the City or the Hospital so we can stay here, or another suitable location, where we can all stay together near the medical services that we need to survive.

     Attached is a list of all the community members that would like to see this happen and are agreeable to sign a legal contract in order to make it happen.


Ensign Rd RV Community

Asks from the Ensign Rd RV Community:

  1. If it is not possible for us to remain here, designate a safe, legal, and suitable location for us to move to that is reasonably close to services, bus-lines, and emergency medical services. Stay the sweep until a location like this is designated.
  • We want an opportunity for residents of our group to meet with Providence and the City of Olympia. We have not yet been allowed to have a voice or place at the table. We have not been invited to any meetings. Without a place at the table we have not been given a real chance to address the problems we are being accused of creating.
  • We would like support as we improve self-management in our community and support in enforcing community expectations, so that we can help to hold individuals accountable instead of punishing the entire group for the actions of a few.
  • Whenever we move, we need towing and vehicle support to help ensure that no one loses their shelter (RV or vehicle) because it cannot be moved.

Draft Community Code of Conduct:

The Community will abide by these Rules of Conduct or will risk eviction from the premises.  Any person who does not abide by these Rules will be given one warning and if not corrected will be asked to leave the community.

1.   The sidewalk in front of your RV or vehicle will be kept clean and the walkway passable.

2.   All trash will be taken and disposed of into the dumpster not on the street or sidewalk.

3.   All animal waste will be picked up and placed into the trash.

4.   No excessive amount of noise after 10 pm.

5.   No yelling or arguing loudly permitted outside of the RV.

6.   No stealing from other members of the community.

7.   No damaging others property.

8.   No threating others in the community.

9.   No illegal activity in the community.

10. The only drugs allowed in the community are prescriptions, caffeine, nicotine, and marijuana.

11.  All vehicles and RV’s will be maintained in working order.

12.  Keep from impeding traffic in the road at all times.

13.  Keep the area in front, behind or under your RV clean and tidy.

14.  Any borrowed items must be returned to the owner in a timely manner and in working order as it was received.

15.  Do not steal another’s spot if they are only leaving for a short time.

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