The sweep of the Ensign Road RV Community has been put on hold!

Friends and supporters,

We have good news to share. The sweep of the Ensign Road RV Community has been put on hold. This 11th hour change comes in light of the Washington State Attorney General’s Office issuing a letter to the City of Olympia, asserting that moving forward with the sweep would likely be a violation of the State’s Eviction Moratorium.

The City will still be asking people parked along Ensign Road to leave tomorrow morning and offering gas cards and help with minor vehicle repairs to those who want to and can leave, but no one will be forced to leave involuntarily. The only people moving will be those who want to and who can.

What comes next is still unknown.

Our hope is that the City of Olympia, Thurston County, and other local municipalities will take advantage of this time to work together and with the residents of Ensign Road to come up with a designated location for longer-term Safe Parking. We have an opportunity now to pursue and implement a response that adequately addresses the safety and health concerns of all stakeholders and which honors the residents of the Ensign Road RV Community as people who, like all of us, deserve a safe, legal, and healthy place to call home.

For more information about this update, check out the Olympia Tribune’s most recent article on the situation.

Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered to help the day of the sweep, the people who wrote to our community’s leaders advocating for a better path forward, and to all who donated to our fundraising effort in preparation of a sweep. We will now be able to use those funds to support more promising responses to encampments, specifically– microhouses!

In solidarity,

Just Housing Olympia

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