Just Housing Olympia currently offers four community workshops.

All of our workshops are offered free of charge. However, if your organization or group is able to provide honorariums for presenters, they are much appreciated. All of our presenters are volunteers and some are currently houseless with very limited incomes.

If you or your group/organization are interested in hosting a Just Housing Olympia workshop, please complete the form at the bottom of this page.

Introduction to Homelessness & Encampments

Participants in this workshop can expect to learn basic information about homelessness, social services, and encampments in Thurston County. The workshop will also focus on policies, practices, and issues related to encampments in our community. Further, folks will learn more about Just Housing– who we are, what we advocate for and why, and how you can get involved.

Q & A is a significant part of this workshop.

Moving Beyond Sweeps

In this workshop, participants will learn about, discuss, and explore:

  • What “sweeps” are and how they are carried out in Thurston County
  • Why sweeps don’t work 
  • How the forcible removals of houseless camps impact all of us 
  • Olympia’s history with encampments & sweeps
  • Just and effective alternatives to sweeps, including Shelter-in-Place

Encampment Support & Outreach Training

This workshop is for individuals and organizations that are interested in supporting encampments either through volunteering with Just Housing’s encampment support or on their own. It will cover the basics of encampment outreach, including; cultural competency, boundaries, safety, and how to support residents in way that centers harm reduction, trauma-informed care, and self-determination.

Civil Disobedience & Social Justice

This workshop and training is for those interested in learning about the basics of using peaceful civil disobedience strategies and how they can be used to achieve social justice goals. This workshop/training will cover:

Why civil disobedience is an important part of social justice advocacy

History of civil disobedience for social justice in our own community

How to participate in and carry out civil disobedience actions in ways that are as safe as possible, effective, trauma-informed, and centered in harm reduction.

If you, your group, or your organization are interested in hosting a Just Housing workshop, please let us know! The best way to tell use is to fill out this form.

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